Ep 41 : The Hulu Virus (Part 1)

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Chris & Rob throw a party to celebrate the TGIF catalogue release on Hulu (which of course includes our beloved Step by Step). No longer will the boys have to dodge computer viruses to watch the show on sketchy websites and all is right with the world. OR IS IT?

We also discuss the Step by Step episode “Aloha Part 1” where the entire family goes to Hawaii. That episode ends with a “to be continued.” Pretty annoying when shows do that, right?


Ep 40 : Valentine’s Day in September

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Special guest Erika is back to help Chris & Rob answer listener questions on all things romance for this Valentine’s Day in September themed Step by Stapp. And as luck would have it, the episode of Step by Step being discussed today is also about Valentine’s Day.

Plus, did you ever wonder if the Creed song “Never Die” from 1999’s Human Clay was actually about Dana Foster getting dumped by her boyfriend? If so, this podcast is specifically for you. Enjoy, weirdo.

Ep 39 : The Real Podcasters of Step by Stapp

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On Step by Step, J.T. and Cody’s public access show gets picked up to go state wide, so of course J.T. becomes an unbelievable asshole. Scott Stapp had a few things to say about this when he wrote “Unforgivable” from My Own Prison.

Plus, the podcast (finally) gets its own TV show on the acclaimed network VH2. However, Chris & Rob’s friendship and the future of the show is put in jeopardy when Rob forgets to use a coaster. And the more they talk about the big wig executive they met from VH2, the more Chris & Rob become suspicious of his credentials.

Ep 38 : Ladies’ Night (w/ Special Guest Andrea, Who Is Not a Robot)

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It’s ladies’ night and the feeling is NOT right when Chris & Rob can’t find any women to be on the podcast. Luckily they meet Andrea on hotornot.com, who calls in to offer the female perspective of this episode of Step by Step where Frank hires an attractive woman to his construction crew.

We also discuss the Art of Anarchy song 1000 Degrees, and Rob falls in love with Andrea despite the fact that she may actually be a robot.

Ep 37 : Step by Step Reboot

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All Dana wants for her 17th birthday is to have a Sprite-fueled, no-parents party at a weird motel. Her mom, Carol, forbids it so she lies and sneaks out to have the sober high school party of her dreams. And what are the odds that Carol and Frank booked a room in the same hotel for the sole purpose of getting freaky? The odds are 100%.

Plus, Chris & Rob pitch a Step by Step reboot that would be right at home alongside Fuller House, Girl Meets World, and Game of Thrones. And the best part is they have casted themselves as new characters. Don’t miss the dramatic reading of a couple of scenes from Step by Step : The New Class in the final segment. Jeff Bezos, give us money.

Ep 36 : Chris & Rob Try Hard Drugs

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On Step by Step, Cody is sad when his old man friend Walter from the nursing home dies. But then he’s happy when he finds out the old man left him $250K in his will. Now Cody has to deal with all the kids in the clan who want a piece of his inheritance. Scott Stapp also took Walter’s death pretty hard when he wrote the song “On My Sleeve” and of course we will explain how the episode and song are related.
Plus, Chris & Rob record at Rob’s house for a change since he has the sniffles. Chris thinks Rob may be close to death and tries to get into his will at the last minute. Then the guys both decide to try heroin and see what happens.

Ep 35 : Guys’ Night (w/ special guest Erika)

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On Step by Step, Frank’s high school buddy Scooter comes to visit and makes everyone in the family and the viewing audience uncomfortable. Also Cody gets a pet turkey. And wouldn’t you know it, the Creed song “Stand Here With Me” is also about those things.

Plus Chris & Rob have a guys’ night, which of course consists of drinking light beer and looking at the adult magazines Chris stole from his uncle’s house. Unfortunately they forgot they invited returning guest Erika to also be on this episode, forcing them to break their strict guys’ night “no chicks allowed” rule.